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Crystals have magical powers and properties that attract, heal, protect, enhance and much more. By harnessing the properties of crystals you can change your life and open the way to bringing forward your hearts desire. Crystals come in all shapes and sizes. Some are polished while others are rough. Their appearance should not fool you as they all have an inner power.

Crystals can be programmed to radiate good energy into your home, work place or body. They can also attract things into your life such as love or prosperity.


  • Amethyst Powerful healer, protector, enhances psychic abilities, spiritual awareness. Stimulates the throat Chakra, Clears aura, transmutes negative energy.
  • Carnelian Grounds, anchors to the present, Motivates success in work. Aids positive life choices. Cleanses other crystals. Actives base Chakra.
  • Citrine Promotes inner calm. Attracts prosperity and success. Brings happiness and generosity. Cleanses the aura, aligns etheric body with physical. Stimulates the crown Chakra.
  • Fluorite Protective, especially on psychic level and against computer and electromagnetic stress. Grounds, integrates spiritual energies. Heightens intuitive powers.
  • Obsidian (black) Grounds, protects, strengthens in times of need. Repels negativity. Disperses unloving thoughts. Brings imbalances to the surface for release. Aids prophesy. Provides balance during change.
  • Quartz (clear) Most powerful healer. energy amplifier, stores, releases and regulate energy. Cleans and enhances subtle bodies. Dissolves karmic seeds. Enhances psychic abilities. Stimulates immune system.
  • Quartz (rose) Unconditional love, heals and opens the heart, calms and reassures. Deep healing. Aids positive affirmations, self-trust and self-worth.
  • Tiger’s Eye Protective, shows correct use of power. Clarity of intention. Anchors change into physical body. Enhances psychic abilities.

Crystal Information

How to clean, charge and programme your chosen Crystal?

Always allow your intuition to help you choose the right crystal. You may know the type of crystal you need, in which case pick up several and purchase the one that feels right in your hand and your heart. If you are unsure which crystal you need, close your eyes for a few moments, when you open them allow your glaze to naturally fall on the crystals, your eyes will be drawn to the crystal you need. Again if there is a collection of the same type pick up a few until you find the right one.

Once you have purchased your crystal you need to clean, charge and programme it with the purpose and intention of what it is needed for. Firstly cleaning, there are various methods and some crystal suit different forms. Most crystals can be immersed in running or still water, check when you buy the crystal. For those that can not tolerate water they can be cleanse in salt. Take a small bowl of dry salt and place the crystal in it and leave overnight. The salt will remove impurities and unwanted energies.

For those crystals that can go in water, immerse them under running water, or place in a bowl of water for say 10 minutes. Dry the crystal very well and leave to charge with energy - either on a windowsill in sunlight for 24 hours or moonlight for 24 hours. (NB be careful with very direct sunlight as it can focus through a clear quartz and cause a burn) Using sun or moon light will depend on you as a person, which one feels right, and the purpose of the crystal. For instance if you need assist with energy then sunlight is best whereas if it is assist with female issues moonlight is best. Always allow your intuition to guide you.

Alternative cleaning methods - Visualizing the crystal surrounds in white light and holding the intention to clean away all negativity. Sprays such as Crystal Clear and Heavenly Spaces, Space & Crystal Clearing Spray can be used to clean crystals. Should you keep your crystals in a pouch or bag, then include a pice of carnelian which will clean the crystals for you.

To programme your crystal take a few moments to collect your thoughts and ask yourself what assist or healing you are asking the crystal for. Be clear in your wording and intention, for instance asking for love may bring you a dog who adores you rather than a loving partner. The words need to be precise and spoken from the heart. Once you have them, hold the crystal gently in both hands , close your eyes and say the words either out loud or in your head. Repeat a few times to anchor the request to your energies and the crystal. Then put the crystal down and walk away. Certain purposes require placing the crystal in key locations, such as using Fluorite to balance electromagnetic stress from computer, requires the crystal to be beside the computer. Your crystal will need cleaning, charging and re-programming regularly. How often will depend on its purpose, if dispelling negativity energy then frequently, if attracting something then perhaps weekly or monthly. Again let your intuition and the crystal guide you.

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