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Pendulums are a simple way of connecting to your soul, your higher self or your spirit guides for guidance. Pendulums are used to answer yes or no questions and give guidance on decisions and actions.

  1. Take your pendulums and hold it between your thumb and forefinger with the chain hanging down across the back of your hand so the pendulum hangs free.
  2. Now take a deep breathe and centre yourself then ask the pendulum to show you a YES - It will then move in a direction.
  3. Now ask the pendulum to show you a NO - It will then move in another direction.
  4. Your pendulum is now programmed.

Asking a question

Be clear about what you want to ask, take some time before hand to work out the question or questions. Can it be answered with a YES or NO. If not you need to rephrase it.
Should the pendulum just quiver and not move for either a YES or NO this is DON’T KNOW. If that happens try to rephrase the question or try again another time.
Some pendulums have more than YES and NO. It may sometimes move in a different direction. Should this happen ask the pendulum to show you MAYBE, if it moves in the same way it is trying to tell you the outcome is uncertain. Again try rephrasing the questions or try again another time.

Tuning into your Higher Self or Spirit Guides

Should you wish to seek guidance from your Higher Self or Spirit Guide when working with the pendulum you need to hold that intention and directly ask them to answer via the pendulum for you.
Always bear in mind that your Higher Self and Spirit Guides can only answer within alignment with your Soul Contract and Highest Good.

Things to remember

  1. Always ask your pendulum at the beginning of a session if you can ask a question or questions. Should the pendulum reply NO put it away. Now is not the right time.
  2. Always keep your pendulum safe in a pouch or box so its energy remains intact. You can also carry it will you in a pocket or handbag.
  3. Always use discernment when seeking guidance from any divination tool.

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