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About Spiritual Healing

How it works

In essence it is the transfer of healing energy from spirit into the whole physical being of the client. This energy can work on the mental, emotional, spiritual or physical level of the person receiving it. As physical beings we are made of energy condensed into matter. This energy has a resonance or frequency at which we vibrate, any changes to that frequency can lead to disharmony in the body. This disharmony can effect our thoughts, emotions and physical wellbeing. Often healers refer to illness as dis-ease, meaning that a part of our self is out of harmony with another. The healing energy works to rebalance the whole system and bring about harmony.

Understanding the treatment

Spiritual healing is not necessarily a cure. For instance if you break your leg you will still need a caste; but spiritual healing can assist the body in healing quicker as well as helping the person deal with any emotional trauma caused by the accident or illness. Often a client has a physical symptom with no seeming cause, this can be because the cause lies in another part of the system. The human body is just the physical shell that we see, we are in fact made up of several subtle bodies that relate to different aspects of our self. The emotional body holds emotions, so a blockage here or even a trauma can eventually cause a physical pain. Treating the pain does not relieve the blockage. Treating the blockage may relieve the the pain.

Being a spiritual healer

A spiritual healer acts as a conduit for this healing energy and they will work with a number of spiritual beings to bring forth the healing. Spiritual healers are not qualified doctors and medical advice should always be sort for all physical ailments. Spiritual healing can assist the body in receiving and recovering from traditional medical treatments. It also works very well along side complementary treatments.

Sarah trained to be a Spiritual Healer with The Corinthian Church Healing Associations (See our links section for more details). They are an independant organisation founded to further spiritual knowledge and the development of healers and healing throughout the world. Training to become a healer can take from nine months to two or more years depending on the organisation you choose to train with.

If you are interested in training to be a spiritual healer check out these organisations - The Corinthian Church and Healing Association, The College of Psychic Studies, The National Federation of Spiritual Healers or your local Spiritualist Church.

Further Information

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