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  • All consultations, training session or packages must be booked in advance and are subject to availability. (Please note we do not offer any same day appointments)
  • Packages offer a selection of sessions that are prepaid, these sessions need to be arranged in advance and are not transferrable. Any changes to the content would be at Voices of Spirit discretion once a package has been confirmed. 
  • Any discounts, special offers or gift vouchers are subject to availability and at the discretion of Voices of Spirit.
  • All consultations and training sessions are listed with a length of time.  Appointments must start and finish on time; if you know you want or need a longer session you need to book and pay for the extra time in advance.  (Please note the allotted time for a trance consultation includes up to 15 minutes for a brief explanation of trance, how Master Chou works and, getting in and out of the trance state.)
  • All communication with Spirit is an experiment and therefore cannot be guaranteed.
  • Should you not be satisfied with the content of a consultation or training session, please notify us immediately at the end of the session and no charge will be levied or a full refund will be given. Completion of the session without comment will be taken as your acceptance and satisfaction regarding what was received.
  • Events being run by spiritual venues or organisation will list their contact details; bookings will then be made with them and subject to their terms and conditions.
  • Voices of Spirit reserves the right to amend their prices at any time without prior notice. However, booked appointments made prior to this will be honoured.

  • Consultations that are recorded, are for your benefit and Voices of Spirit do not guarantee the recording or its quality. The recording is made to the best quality possible at the time and can not be improved or altered afterwards.
  • Recordings are mp3 files and will sent to you via the internet through www.wetransfer.com or via file sharing with Drop-Box. (Please note neither require you to download any software onto your computers.) Recordings are generally sent within seven workings days after your session, unless others advised at the end of the session.
  • Should you prefer a CD this can be arrange for an additional fee of £5 to cover costs and postage within Europe only. The CD will be mailed via the Royal Mail and we are not accountable for any delays caused by them. Should your CD get lost in the post we will send another one. However, please note, we will only do this once. Likewise, if your CD arrives with no file on it, please notify us as this may be a faulty CD and we will replace it free of charge. The CD will only play on a computer.
  • Should you wish to record a consultation, training session or package session yourself, you must notify us in advance. We are generally happy for audio to be recorded but not video.
  • Please note our permission must be given before sharing any recording of a consultation, training session or package session whether made by us or you - such as with friends or over the internet.


  • Skype sessions require you to have a good / fast broadband connection. However, video is not necessary and having it turned off can improve the connection and quality of the sound.
  • Wearing a headset with microphone is recommended, as it improves the sound and eliminates the echo that can often be heard. Thus giving you a better experience.
  • Skype is not perfect and on occasion the sound can break up or become garbled due to insufficient signal. Should the sound break up during a Skype session and the conversation becomes difficult to continue, Master Chou may bring the session to an end and suggest it is rescheduled. Should you decided to continue anyway you will be accepting the poor quality of the sound and the disrupted conversation. However, if you agree to end and/or Master Chou ends the session we will arrange a rescheduled appointment for the remaining time (subject to availability). 
  • However, should a trance mediumship consultation via Skype disconnect (hang-up), we will make every effort to reconnect and continue the session within and for the remaining time. However, we cannot guarantee that we can reconnect or that we can continue the session as this is very disruptive to the trance state. Please note you will still be charged for the full length of your session so please ensure you have a good broadband connection before booking this type of consultation.


  • Consultations, coaching and training session via Skype and all Packages must be paid in advance in full, no later than 7 days prior. Failure to do so may result in your appointment being cancelled.
  • Consultations, coaching and training session in person may be paid on the day by cash or cheque. Please note they are still subject to our cancellation terms.
  • All prices are quoted in UK Pounds Sterling. No other currencies can be accepted.
  • Should your cheque bounce your appointment will be cancelled and you will be required to pay any charges incurred.
  • Cheques should be payable to Sarah Tyler-Walters. The address for sending will be given at time of booking.
  • Voices of Spirit do not have the facility to charge a debit or credit card. Should you wish to pay via this method please pay via PayPal.  Follow the instructions on our website under Products then Online-Payments. (Please note you do not need to open an account with PayPal to do this.)


  • We ask that you notify us no later than 4 days prior to your appointment if you need to cancel to do so without charge.
  • However, if you cancel less than 4 days prior to your appointment, we reserve the right to levy a charge of up to the full amount for the consultation, training or package session.  


  • Should you be delayed for a consultation, coaching, training or package session please notify us immediately. Your appointment will still finish at the prearranged time and charged in full for the time booked.
  • Should you be later than 15 minutes, without notification or arrangement, your appointment will be cancelled and subject to our cancellation term.

Gift Vouchers:

  • All Gift Vouchers must be paid for in advance and used within six months of being issued.
  • Appointments made using a gift voucher are subject to our normal terms and conditions.
  • Please note they are only redeemable against products and services supplied directly by Voices of Spirit.


  • Recordings of public appearances are available for you to listen to; however, we own the copyright to all recorded material and as such you cannot distribute or share them with anyone else via any means without our written permission.
  • When you purchase a recording as a download you will be emailed information and a link to do so. Please note this is not an automated service so it may take a day or two for the email with the information to be sent. Downloads are in mp3 format.
  • All items purchased from our SHOP must be paid for in advance. Goods or services will not be sent or honoured until the payment has cleared. 
  • Should you opt for the recording on CD, this will be in mp3 format and mailed via the Royal Mail. We are not accountable for any delays caused by the Royal Mail. Should your CD get lost in the post we will send another one. However, please note, we will only do this once. Likewise, if your CD arrives with no file on it, please notify us as this may be a faulty CD and we will replace it free of charge. The CD will play on a computer only.
  • Visualisation and information documents are meant as a guide and tool, Voices of Spirit do not guarantee any results from using them.


  • Voices of Spirit has the copyright on all material on this website; as such you are not permitted to copy, distribute or share any of it without our written permission.



Updated 6th June 2014

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