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I have heard that trance demonstration are done in the dark?

This is not the case for a trance demonstration. We work perfectly fine with the lights on. We do prefer to turn off the lights right above our heads if possible but if not that is not an issue. Often a slightly dimmed lighting assist the audience in seeing more in terms of energy e.t.c

Do you work using a red light?

For public demonstration - No! Normal lights are fine.

Do we have to have the doors locked?

Most Spiritualist Churches prefer to close the doors once the demonstration starts and not allow late comers. The doors do not need to be locked that is at the discretion of the Spiritualist Church or venue.

What if an audience member wants to leave?

People getting up and moving around will not interfere with the trance demonstration. Should a member of the audience wish to leave we would just ask that Master Chou is made aware before the doors are opened as that will change the energy in the room.

What if an audience members gets scared?

Sarah will explain before the demonstration what will take place and answer any questions. Should any member of the audience not be sure about staying they can leave at that time. There is no reason for them to get scared but of course should that occur they could leave under the terms mentioned in the above question.

Will we see spirit?

This is not a physical mediumship demonstration so there will not be any materialisation. However those members of the audience with any clairvoyant ability may see spirit or their energy. Members of the audience who are psychic or healers may also feel and see the energy.

Will we get messages from loved ones?

No. These demonstrations are not about proof of survival so a message will not be relayed nor will a loved one step forward to speak.

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