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Sarah has put together some simple exercises and her top ten tips to start you on your journey. Grounding, Protection and Closing Down are key basic practices to understand. Below are straight forward exercises for each. These exercises are merely a starting point and you can add to them as your own intuition guides you.

Exercise 1 - Grounding

Being grounded everyday is an important part of your physical life. The following exercise can be done daily or whenever you feel disconnected from the Earth.

Sit in a quiet room where you will not be disturbed and unplug any phones. Close your eyes and gently breathe in and out, holding the breathe for the count of four.

Focus your attention at the base of your spine. Breathe out and down your legs towards your feet. See roots growing from your feet and expanding out around you and towards the Earth's Core with every out breathe. With each breathe the roots extend further, in all directions. Breathe out. See the roots reach your crystals that are deep in the Earth's core, allow your intuition to show which crystals you need, and wrap you roots around them. Anchoring yourself to Earth.

Now draw up the Earth's Energy with your in breathe. See the vibrant red energy travel up your roots towards your feet. With each in breathe the energy gets closer and finally enters through the soles of your feet. Now it travels up your legs towards the base of spine.

Breathe in. The red energy reaches the base of your spine which expands. See yourself as a Tree and your roots red and vibrant in the earth. Your body solid and strong like the trunk. And your arms are the branches reaching into the sky.

Focus your attention on your breathing, feeling anchored, calm and centred. When you are ready open your eyes and stretch.

Exercise 2 - Protection

Everyone has spirit guides and one of these is known as your Doorkeeper (Gatekeeper). This guide acts as your protector throughout this life. They can act to protect you within the limits of your soul contract. Outside of that we need to apply personal responsibility as to how we act and what we do, therefore from time to time we need to ask for that protection.

We also need to take responsibility for protecting ourselves energetically. By this I mean using your Aura. Everyone has one. Your Aura is your first line of defence, energetically speaking. For instance, we all have that person we know who leaves us exhausted every time we see them. The reason is that they are draining your energy whilst you are with them, mostly they do not realise they are doing this. However by taking control of your Aura and energies you can protect yourself from them draining you.

Below is a simple request to your Doorkeeper for protection and some visualisation to energetically defend yourself by using your Aura.

Request to your Doorkeeper

Dear Doorkeeper, I ask that you protect me from anything that might harm me, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually from any source. And that you protect me from anything that does not serve me and my highest good. Thank you.

Visualisations for Everyday

Sit quietly, with your feet flat on the floor and your eyes closed. Breathe in and out three times holding for the count of four. Allow yourself to relax.

Sealing your Aura

Now imagine a giant glass egg in front you and step inside it. Feel yourself being completely surrounded by the egg, above, below and all around. Breathe in. Drawing golden white light from the Universe / Spirit, above the egg. Let the light flow down and completely fill you and the egg sealing and repairing any holes. Take your time, no need to rush. Feel yourself calm and centred.

Shielding against Negativity

Follow the steps above, but now focus your attention on the outside surface of the egg. See it becoming mirrored, reflecting outward to the world all around you. Allow anything that is sent towards you to be reflected back to who is sending the negativity or into the Earth.

Protecting yourself when feeling uncomfortable or threatened.

Follow the steps for sealing your aura. Then focus your attention on the outside surface of the egg and this time see it armour plated. Ensure the metal covers the entire surface allowing nothing to penetrate your auric space.

Once you have finished, breathe in and out into your aura a few times and when ready open your eyes.

Any of these visualisation can be done instantly, anywhere, whenever needed. They can also be done all together or in any combination depending on what you feel you need and the situation.

Exercise 3 - Opening to Spirit

Should you wish to communicate with your spirit guides you can do this merely by thought. However when you embark on development you can go a step further and open yourself and your energies to spirit, thereby creating a link. You MUST always ask for protection when you are opening to spirit, follow the steps in exercise 2.

Opening your Chakra System

Sit quietly and ground ( exercise 1 ). Ask your Doorkeeper to keep watch over you whilst you are working and open.

Draw up the Earth's energy through your roots, up your legs and into your base chakra. See the chakra expand as the red energy enters it. Now, draw down the Spiritual energy through your crown chakra. See this white energy enter the top of your head expanding the crown. Watch as the energy travels down the body towards the base. Once there the two energies merge and grow, filling your whole body. Let yourself breathe with this energy.

See this energy travel upwards from the base to the sacral. As it reaches the sacral, say to yourself "Open" and see the sacral glow brighter. The energy moves upwards to the solar plexus and again you say "Open" and see it glow brighter. Repeat for each centre up to the crown. Taking your time.

Bring your focus back to your base chakra and repeat the process. See the energy move up to the sacral and say to yourself "Expand". This time the chakra grows outwards in all directions and gets brighter still. The energy moves up to the solar plexus and say "Expand", again see it grow outwards and brighter. Repeat for each centre up to the crown. Finally from the crown see a beam of white energy travel upwards connecting to spirit.

You can repeat this again if required. However, if you feel the energy is too strong push the excess down your roots back into the Earth.

Exercise 4 - Closing to Spirit

By opening to spirit as in exercise 3 you expand your energies and aura but this is not their normal state. During daily life they do not need to be expanded in this manner, therefore after opening up you need to close down again. Closing down does not stop communication from your guides.

Closing your Chakra System

Sit quietly, as in exercise 3, with your palms face down in your lap. Thank spirit for working with you, especially your Doorkeeper.

Focus on the crown chakra and see the beam of energy going up to spirit. Cut that beam and draw the energy into your crown. Push the energy down from the crown towards the third eye and watch the crown reduce in size, but not close completely. Push the energy down again towards the throat and see the third eye close. Push the energy down again to the heart and see the throat close. Repeat with the throat, heart and solar plexus until you reach the sacral.

Now, push the energy down from the sacral to the base and watch the sacral close. Push the energy down from the base, out of your roots and back into the Earth. The base will reduce in size but not close. Draw white energy from spirit through your body washing any stale energy down into the Earth. Leaving you clean and bright. Draw up red energy from the Earth and white energy down from spirit to recharge you.

Focus now on your Aura, drawing it in closely around the body like a cloak. Ensure it is over your head and under your feet. Encasing you in loving protection. Seal the outside with golden light and open your eyes when ready.

[Remember to close down any time you have been thinking about spirit, as the mere thought would have opened you up.]

Sarah's Top Ten Tips on development and working with spirit

Sarah has put together her top ten tips for development based on her own training as a medium and healer. These simple tips acts as a guide to the path ahead whether you are developing as a psychic, medium, channel or healer.


Listening to your own intuition or inner voice is important. Your soul knows what you are here to do in this life and what is in your highest good, so let it speak to you. Others will offer advice or guidance but their truth may not be yours, so let your intuition tell you if it is right for you, if it doesn't feel right don't do it!


Everyone has them and you will have more than one. Guides are here to do exactly that - guide. They are not here to live your life or tell you what to do. Within the terms of your soul contract they will aim to keep you on your path but in many instances they can not act or interfere, so you need to ASK. Spirit need us to ask them to help in order to allow them to assist. So talk to your guides, in your mind or out loud, ask them for assistance with a particular situation and they will do what they can to help.


You are here experiencing a physical life so being here in the physical is a vital part of that. We often say "someone is off with the fairies" this often applies to people who are not grounded in their physical life. If you wish to work with spirit they need you to be anchored here in order to better facilitate the work. Their energy is lighter than ours and by being grounded they can come closer as we anchor them. [For more information on how to Ground, check out the exercise on this site.]


If you don't believe in negative energy or spirits then that is your understanding and you may wish to ignore this point. Everything is made up of two halves - light and dark, good and bad, masculine and feminine, day and night - equal opposites. Energy, spirits, thoughts, actions e.t.c all have this same make up. So a thought can be positive or negative - for instance have you ever thought a work colleague didn't pull their weight, the thought might be accurate but the energy behind it can be negative if judgmental. Often we walk into places and say "there's a bad feeling in here" that is negativity. Protection comes in two forms - that which you do for yourself and that which spirit can do for you. For yourself - is basic common sense during daily life and care of your aura. The other - is asking your Doorkeeper (guide of protection) to keep you safe from negativity energy in any form from any source. [For more information on the aura, spirit guides and connecting to your spirit guides check out what is on this site or research on the internet.]


As with the above you have control of your energies and this means you need to keep then clean. Your aura collects dirt and grime all the time from daily life in the physical world, so housework is required. Likewise your chakra system can become blocked or grimy by emotions, stress, other peoples energy e.t.c so keeping it clean is also vital. Think of your aura and chakra system like your car - the aura is the paint work and body which you clean weekly and the chakra system is the engine which needs oil and water and regular check ups.


We are not designed to be open to spirit 24/7 and part of every lifetime is understanding personal responsibility. You need to close down your energies to be here in the world and to set boundaries to spirit. If you are open they will work with you regardless of what time of day it is or what you are doing. Set aside time to work with spirit, perhaps when you are developing in a circle, or a set time to mediate and connect each day, outside of those times remain closed. Your guides can still communicate with you if they need to but deeper levels of communication are not possible and visiting spirits will be unable to reach you. [For information on how to Close Down check out the exercise on this.]


Developing to work with spirit takes time. In today's world everything is immediate and we have little patience for waiting. However mediumship, psychic development or healing is not learnt overnight. It can takes years and often does. I know many mediums who have sat for development for over a decade and are still developing. However today things are a bit faster but over a five years period is common. Please don't be in a rush. Let yourself develop at the speed you need, divine timing plays a part here, you will be ready when you need to be. Also if you see someone developing faster than you don't take that to heart and think you are failing, they may be simply catching up with their own divine timing.


Working for spirit looks easy and effortless but actually it can take a physical toll on your body and energy. Because there appears to be no exertions you assume there has been none but actually you will be burning calories and fluid. So drink plenty of water to keep hydrated, it also helps with energy flow. Being tired or stress can effect the link with spirit so maintaining good health keeps the work healthy. There are a lot of people who believe you need to vegetarian to work for spirit. For me that is a life choice and if you wish to make it then do. My advice is work on an empty stomach, try not to eat for at least three hours before working or if you do then have something light and easily digested. Working on a full stomach makes the flow of energy harder. Likewise avoid alcohol and some people prefer to avoid caffeine before they work too.


Open your heart to the divine message and trust the flow of your life. Your soul is your best guide so make friends with it, get to know yourself. Self development is another essential part of developing to work with spirit, so don't overlook it. Also build up trust with your guides and communicators, work on a dialogue with them during your daily life. Trust is also a two way street so you need to earn the trust of your guides by acknowledging what you receive from them and giving thanks when they have helped. Trust is the linchpin to working with spirit.


Working for spirit and being spiritual should bring you joy not sorrow. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Of course you have lessons to learn and they are not always easy. But let your souls path unfold like to petals of a lotus, one beautiful petal at a time.

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