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Voices of Spirit - Sarah Tyler-Walters

Sarah is a Trance Medium & Spiritual Strategist who works with the Spirit Realm as a channel, teacher, healer and intuitive coach. In partnership with Spirit she provides insight and instruction regarding:     

Your Life - career, relationships, family and well-being

Your Emotional and Mental Self - patterns, past events and traumas to heal

Your Soul Path - life lessons, purpose, soul growth and potential

Your Spiritual Development  - spirituality, mediumship and enlightenment

Your Energetic Self - aura, chakras, subtle bodies and raising your vibration.

Throughout this site you will find resources to support and assist your life; from trance consultations with Spirit to empower you and clear your way forward, to downloads and pod-casts of Spirit sharing their knowledge on various subjects to assist you towards a harmonious life and ascension.

Sarah and Spirit also share their wisdom through her Blog, which you might enjoy reading and subscribing to.

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Office Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6 pm. 

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Trance Mediumship: Spirit Voices
College of Psychic Studies
23rd March
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College of Psychic Studies
12th April
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