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Alternatives seeks to inspire new visions for living through holistic education.


Arthur Findlay College

The Worlds Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences


College of Psychic Studies

Workshops, courses, development circles, lectures and a reference library. Plus respected psychic, mediums, trance mediums and healers providing sittings.


Cygnus Books

Bookselling and information service providing inspiration and guidance as you search for new ways to heal your body and nourish your soul.


Institute of Spiritualist Mediums

An organisation dedicated to the Promotion, Teaching and Development of Spirit Communication.


New Age Information

The internet’s number one rated new age resource for body, mind and spirit

School of Intuition & Healing

School set up by Sue Allen to promote and teach intuition, spirituality, working with Spirit and healing.



Enhancing health through awareness and understanding of spirit attachment and spirit release.


Spiritualist Association of GB

Workshops, courses, demonstrations and sensitives providing sittings.


The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary.

Where healing works.


The Psychic Cafe

Each month the Psychic Café has a theme, anything from angels, tarot, numerology, palmistry, psychometry, etc. Your experienced consultant will take a few minutes to explain the monthly topic, and you will be invited to join in with easy to follow exercises to help you expand your psychic skills.


The Spiritual Workers Association

The SWA is the umbrella group that is bringing spiritual organisations and independents together to form this governing body. Although the SWA is itself a new organisation, its member organisations have been established for many years. The SWA is already more representative of all spiritual workers than any other organisation in the world. This is our opportunity to help change the face of spiritual work in the UK, to afford us the respect we deserve and to ensure we are a force to be reckoned with.


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