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Shelley - UK - About her postal reading

Thank you, I have received it and have listened to it a few times. It is very insightful and I have to keep listening to it. Thank you so much for everything, you do not know how much I appreciate it. It is nice to know there are people with such beautiful gifts around. I hope to be able to keep your contact details for the future and for others. love n light.

Denise - UK

I arrived for my first appointment with Sarah and was immediately put at ease by her relaxed and friendly manner. I had never had a channelled reading and was unsure how it would all happen. I needn't have worried. After a brief chat, Sarah sat opposite me in a chair and said "I wonder if he's ready?"

She bent her head forwards a little, shuffled a bit on her chair and then looking straight at me with closed eyes said, "Good afternoon, good afternoon, and how are we today?" The clear voice was male with a slight accent of the orient. So this was Master Chou. I said hello and immediately we began talking. My hands were lightly held, as Sarah had told me he would, to tune into my energies.

Master Chou listened to my questions, giving me new perspectives and greater understanding. He always included me in the discussion and there was no judgement of my actions. He gave me time to ask for more clarity and at no time told me what to do. I can follow the advice or not. My choice. It was all completely natural and relaxed. Exactly like talking to a trusted friend.

Master chou's wisdom and practical guidance is now a great support and strength in my life. His gentle sense of humour is threaded through each sitting. I often listen to the taped recording and discover something I had forgotten or find a new depth which I had initially overlooked.

I also received healing which has been extremely beneficial. I have returned for eight further visits and several friends have also received excellent readings. Sarah and Master Chou working together in this way, give us a rare opportunity to make sense of our lives and seek direction if needed, from a greater spiritual awareness.

They have always worked for my highest good and I always look forward to my next reading with them both.

Michael - Canada

I met Sarah and found her to be really kind and down to earth.

A few brief minutes later, I was conversing with a kind yet sharp Chinese sage from a dimension beyond earth. The insightful wisdom and helpful advice Master Chou offered is difficult to describe; suffice to say I was transformed for the better and his words continue to guide me to this day. Sarah is an extremely clear channel for Master Chou. I recommend her without reservation. A session is worth every penny and more!

Jan - UK - About her postal reading

Many thanks for such a prompt reply and informative reading.

Lorna - UK

"Having little prior experience of channelling, I went down with my mum to see Sarah. I knew that Master Chou worked through Sarah and gave advice but I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Sarah and her mum made me feel very welcome and when I went in I felt very comfortable. The lights were dimmed in the room, Sarah switched the tape on to record the session and explained that she would go quiet while she contacted Master Chou. When Master Chou came through his Chinese accent and mannerisms were quite different from Sarah's. I asked various questions mainly about my partners health problems and my career and so on. Master Chou spoke clearly and went into considerable detail on each topic. I didn't feel rushed and he was quite happy if you wanted to ask further questions or ask him to elaborate on a certain point. Master Chou was not trying to provoke an emotional response; I was worried that I would feel upset when I asked about my Nan who had died, but Master Chou gave me clear information without being overly emotional. One thing I forgot to do was turn the tape over when it stopped as Master Chou doesn't do this. It's worth checking that you know how to do this before you start if you are having a recorded reading. Overall the experience was very positive as I received useful information and felt comfortable throughout the session."

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