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About a Trance Sitting

Do you remember what the spirit being has said during a trance sitting?

On occasion Sarah does remember bits and pieces of the conversation. However these are usually out of context and forgotten in days of having given the trance sitting. This often includes the sitters face, which can be quite embarrassing should she meet them again. Sometimes, spirit do need her to remember a key fact or point in order to pass on additional information to the sitter, such as a recommendation.

Will my loved one speak to me or can your guide talk to them?

Your loved one speaking to you through a trance medium is quite rare. Sadly this is not something that occurs during Sarah's trance work. As to can Sarah's guide speak to them - in general we would say no. On occasions a sitters guide might relay a message and a loved one might appear for support but this is not the purpose of my guides work. Should a client be seeking communication with a loved one we would refer them to a mental medium (clairvoyant), as they specialise in this type of communication.

[See listings of recommended mediums and psychics on Voices of Spirits link page.]

Will he tell me my future?

No! It is not for spirit to tell you your future it is for you to make it. Even if he were to talk about future things the very fact that you knew about them could and probably would alter the event, rendering the information useless. He can discuss future direction but not time and dates for things to occur. Sitters also often seek guarantees, those are in your hands not spirit.

Can I ask a question about someone else?

Yes. However the answer will depend on the nature of the question and whether or not answering it would breech their free will. Also bear in mind that the future is not set so the answer may not be available.

Can my friend come with me to the trance sitting?

Due to the nature of a trance sitting you need to understand one thing - if they are in the room they will get spoken too. Therefore we can not guarantee that you will get all or even most of the sitting. It might very well turn out that your friend gets more information than you do. Sometimes however we do get family members coming together to discuss the same issue, this then becomes a conversation between all parties.

I am nervous, what if I do not like it?

At the beginning of a trance sitting we explain in detail what will happen in terms of Sarah’s appearance and how Master Chou works. We explain that he will hold your hands to start with, scan your aura and then ask what you want to talk about. We also advise everyone that if they become uncomfortable all they have to do is ask that the sitting stops and Sarah will come back from the trance state.

I saw you a few months ago, can I come back for another reading?

Unlike with a clairvoyant or psychic reading, you can come for trance sittings more often. The principle to understand is that a trance sitting is about helping you with issues in your life and understanding them. So often clients do have one or more sessions. Ask yourself this - do you have more questions? If yes, then book a sitting, if no then you do not need one.

About having a reading

What do I need to do for a trance reading?

All we need is that you come along with issues to discuss and an open mind. We recommend having the issues or talking points written down. Master Chou is very careful to ensure you understand the guidance he is giving before going onto the next question.

What kind of reading should I have?

That depends on what you need. As a guide we would recommend the following:

Should you be seeking contact with a loved one then visit a mental medium, also referred to as a clairvoyant. Mental mediums work in different ways, some hear, some see and some feel spirit though many do a mixture of all three.

Should you be seeking some general information about what is going on in your life at the moment then have a psychic reading or tarot card reading. Both can give insight in to current events.

Should you be looking for deeper insight and guidance from spirit about your path, issues in your life, or past trauma’s for instance, then visit a trance medium or a channelling medium.

Should you be seeking guidance from spirit on your spiritual, mediumistic or psychic development then visit a trance medium or channelling medium.

See Voices of Spirit’s pages on sittings and our link page for recommended mediums web-site details. Alternatively for reputable Mediums and Psychic’s visit your local Spiritualist Church, The College of Psychic Studies, The Spiritualist Association of GB. Or see listings in the Two Worlds or Psychic News.

I had a trance sitting but when can I have another?

Mediums and psychics generally recommend that you leave at least six months between readings. With trance sittings this does not always apply as it is based on what you need to discuss. Always ask yourself why you want the reading and can it truly assist. If you are unsure ask the psychic, medium or channel before making the appointment. However, please do not be offended if they tell you to wait. They are acting responsibly and in your best interests.

I think I am being psychically attacked?

A trance sitting would not be appropriate. Should you feel that you are being psychically attacked then seek guidance from a specialist in Spirit Release or Psychic Attack work. This is a specialised form of work and not to be taken lightly. We recommend contacting someone like Sue Allen or Martha Brett at The College of Psychic Studies for an appointment or more information.

Sue Allen has also written an excellent book on the subject called Spirit Release.

Sittings Do's and Don'ts

I am ill can a sitting tell me if the treatment will work?

Sadly this is not in the remit of spirit. They may be available to give an indication of the direction of the treatment and your response but not a guaranteed outcome. More than likely they would discuss with you the reasons behind you getting ill and any blocks or issues you may have with regards to the illness or treatment.

Can he give medical advice?

Master Chou is not a medical doctor he will always advice that you seek medical advice and follow any treatments recommended. What spirit may do is discuss with you any issues, emotional or spiritual, regarding the illness. And offer guidance on optimising your well-being to assist in the healing process.

Can he tell me the outcome of an event?

No. This would be predicting the future and that is not the purpose of spirit communication. Master Chou may be able to give an indication of a possible outcome or blocks and issues surrounding the outcome.

How can a trance sitting benefit me?

If you read some of testimonials we have you will begin to get an idea of what a trance sitting can do. For some people it is just confirmation and acknowledgment that they are on the right path. For other it can be deeply healing and enlightening.

Can I ask about my spiritual development?

Yes. Master Chou can discuss with you your spiritual development be it for personal growth or serving humanity.

Can he tell me if I am psychic?

Yes. Because we all are. Everyone has innate psychic ability it is just that some of us choose to develop it.

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