Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About: A trance demonstration or event

1. I have heard that trance demonstrations are done in the dark?

Sarah does not demonstrate trance mediumship in the dark. Sarah or Spirit may request that a few lights are turned off or dimmed if the room is very bright, along with drawing the curtains.

2. Do you work using a red light?

No. Sarah uses the lighting available at the venue. She does use red light when working with select invite-only groups.

3. Do we have to have the doors locked?

No. Sarah only needs the doors shut for a demonstration of trance mediumship.

4. What if an audience member wants to leave?

People getting up and moving around the room will not interfere with the trance demonstration. However, opening and closing doors can be disruptive. Sarah would ask that if someone wanted to leave the room, that you advise Master Chou beforehand.

5. What if an audience member gets scared?

Sarah will explain what will take place and answer any questions. Any member of the audience can leave at that time. However, if they want to go during a demonstration, please read the question above.

6. Will we see Spirit?

No. Sarah does not do physical mediumship. However, members of the audience with any clairvoyant/psychic ability may see, feel or experience Spirit and their energy.

7. Will we get messages from loved ones?

No. Master Chou will engage with the audience answering questions and sharing his wisdom and philosophy about life and spirituality.

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About: Seeing a psychic or medium

1. What kind of reading should I have?

That depends on what you need. As a guide, Sarah would recommend the following:

  1. If you are seeking contact with a loved one, visit a mental medium (clairvoyant). They work in different ways - seeing, hearing or feeling Spirit, though many do a mixture of all three.
  2. If you want general information, about what is going on in your life at the moment, then have a psychic reading or tarot card reading. Both can give insight into current events.
  3. If you want more in-depth insight and guidance from Spirit about your path, issues in your life, or past trauma's, then visit a trance medium or a channelling medium.
  4. If you want guidance from Spirit about your spiritual, mediumistic or psychic development, then visit a trance medium or channelling medium.

2. I went for a psychic/medium reading, and none of the information made sense?

There are several possible reasons for this:

  1. The person giving the reading was not working well or having a bad day (it can happen).
  2. You were not open to the process. When having a reading, you need to be open to the possibility of communication and guidance. If you are not, you can block the person trying to give you the reading and hence get nothing.
  3. You wanted to hear from one person only, and they didn't come. The medium does not control who speaks to you; sometimes, your desire to hear from only one person blocks the process. Try to be accepting of whoever comes to talk to you.
  4. Some of the information may make sense at a later date. It is always a good idea to record a session so you can listen to it again. At the time, your memory might not recall a lady with dark hair, but sometime after the meeting, you may recollect them, and the message will then make sense.

3. I wanted to hear from my dad, but he did not come?

There are several reasons for this. When we lose someone, we love we want to know they are okay and receive communication from them. However, the loved one might not be ready to communicate. Also, communicating with us is not as easy as picking up a phone. It takes a great deal of effort and assistance from other Spirits to make the connection, so, they may not make it the first time but might the second.

Finally, the hardest one to understand is that you might want to hear from them too much, and that can create a block to the communication. Again, be open to the process. If your loved one has only recently passed, then another person may communicate first or relay a message from them. After a person has passed, we would recommend waiting at least six months before seeing a medium.

4. I went for a psychic reading, and they asked to hold a piece of my jewellery?

That is called psychometry. It is reading the person's energy that is on an object. A psychic will use this technique to give you information about you and your life. A medium might use this method to connect to you and create a link before bringing forward messages from a loved one. It is beneficial if you are nervous or very sceptical. The information from psychometry can help you to open up and relax, ensuring you get the best reading possible.

5. I had a reading but when can have another?

Mediums and psychics generally recommend that you leave at least six months between readings. In contrast, with trance consultations, this does not always apply.

Always ask yourself why you want the reading and can it genuinely assist. If you are unsure, ask the psychic, medium or channel before making the appointment. However, please do not be offended if they tell you to wait; they are acting responsibly and in your best interests.

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About: Training as a medium, psychic or healer

1. How can I develop as a medium?

If you feel drawn to working with Spirit as a medium, you will need to find a development circle. Training to be a medium is not an overnight thing process; it takes years of development to be a professional.

2. How can I develop as a psychic?

We are all psychic and use this innate psychic ability daily without realising. To develop/strengthen your intuition and psychic ability, you need to train with a development circle. There are books you can read on the subject to get a better understanding before joining a group. Connecting to your intuition can enhance your life.

3. I want to read tarot cards, do I need to be psychic?

We are all psychic, even if you are unaware of it. Tarot cards are very linked to your intuition and are an excellent tool to start connecting to your abilities. There are excellent books on the subject and a vast array of cards to buy. Allow your inner voice to guide you to the right book and pack.

4. What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A psychic reads the aura (a person's energy field, which holds information about them and their lives) and energy of the physical plane around you. A medium works with Spirit receiving details from the Spiritual plane (Loved one e.t.c). A psychic medium work in both ways.

5. Do I need to be psychic or a medium to connect to the angels?

No. We are all psychic, even if we don't realise it. Connecting to Angels needs an open mind and a clear intention. You can pray, meditate or talk to them (in your head or out loud), they will hear you; be polite, respectful and focused.

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About: Spiritual healing and Trance healing

1. Does Spiritual or Trance healing hurt?

No. The process is gentle and compassionate. You may feel sensations throughout the body or the area where you are receiving healing, but this should not be painful. If at any time you are uncomfortable during a healing session, you should advise the healer, and they will stop.

2. How will I feel after a Spiritual healing session?

In general, people leave Spiritual healing session feeling more relaxed and peaceful. Spiritual healing works with you and your body bringing about harmony.

3. How will I feel after a trance healing session?

As with Spiritual healing, you will feel more relaxed and calm. However, after a trance healing session, you may fall asleep for a short while as the healing continues.

4. How many session will I need?

There is no set number of Spiritual or Trance healing sessions. Discuss this with your healer. It will depend on what you are receiving the healing for and how you are responding. You have the choice to continue or not.

5. Can I get spiritual healing on the NHS?

We believe there are a few isolated places that do offer Spiritual healing on the NHS. We certainly hope that with time this will increase to include the whole NHS system as Spiritual healing can assist in the healing process and compliments modern medicine. However, you may find Reiki healing is available (it is very similar to Spiritual healing).

6. Will spiritual healing cure me?

Spiritual healing can not guarantee a cure. The purpose of the healing is to bring about harmony within the body, which will promote better health and well-being. However, Spiritual healing can also be about emotional disharmony rather than physical.

7. I have cancer will Spiritual or Trance healing cure it?

As we have mentioned, Spiritual or Trance healing is not about a cure. However, it can help the body in dealing with the treatment and the emotional impact of a disease like cancer.

8. How can Trance healing help me with my emotional trauma?

Trance healing can assist in healing the emotional body, which is holding onto the pain/experience. The process is gentle and does not require you to re-live the past or trauma.

9. I was told one of the subtle bodies is out of alignment can Trance healing help?

Yes. Master Chou can assist people with a misaligned subtle body by using Trance healing. Master Chou can also talk to you about why this occurred in a trance consultation. Sarah also works with clients in her Intuitive Coaching practice on realigning the subtle bodies and balancing the entire aura.

10. What is Psychic Surgery?

It is the ability to remove some physical matter from the body without using a knife. The skill is quite rare and comes in several forms.

  1. Psychic Surgery using physical energy to dematerialise matter such as a tumour. This not done with any Spirit interaction.
  2. Spirit interaction is involved, and it is Spirit energy removing the matter such as a tumour. (This in Spiritual Surgery, and along the lines of an apport seen in Physical Mediumship).

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